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Welcome to the Idaho Chess Association!

FM David Lucky wins back-to-back Idaho Closed's
and Back-to-back Idaho Open's!!!

(The first time in ICA History this has happened!)

FM David Lucky. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland.

Congratulations to David Lucky who on Father's Day won the Idaho Open for the second straight year (after doing the same in the Idaho Closed too). David tells us that in classic games now, he has won 27 consecutive games and has no draws or losses. We will be researching, but likely is that this is an all time record. The 2016 Idaho Open was one of the strongest ever, and all 34 players had a great time. Results and all the other stuff should be posted soon, so stay tuned.

The next ICA tournament is the Idaho Blitz Chess Championship on July 16. Hope to see you all there!

Volunteers Wanted!

The Idaho Chess Association is looking for volunteers for positions to aid in the operation of the ICA. Interested individuals should email the with subject line - positions - and explain why you would like to obtain the position. Include contact information.

Membership Coordinator (position filled by Cody Gorman!)
Facebook Coordinator (position filled by Richard Mussler-Wright!)
Promotional Coordinator
Educational Director
ICA Journalist
Vice President

Positions are open until filled.

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