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2007 Idaho Scholastic Championship
(March 17, Boise, ID)

Crosstable Standings Flyer

The 2007 Idaho Scholastic Championship was the largest chess tournament in Idaho history setting a new record of 393 players, breaking last year's record of 334 players. Daniel Taylor, from Eagle High School, won the overall event with 4½ points and qualifies to represent Idaho and play in the Denker Tournament of Champions later this year.


K-12 Championship Section


1st PlaceDaniel Taylor (Eagle HS, 11th Grade)
2nd PlaceLuke Harmon (Shadow Hills ES, 2nd Grade)
3rd PlaceAlvin Chi (Idaho Falls HS, 10th Grade)

Grade 12
1st PlaceKenrick Barkell (Mountain View HS)
2nd PlaceClark Gill (Fruitland HS)

Grade 11
1st PlaceGraeme Faulkner (Borah HS)
2nd PlaceAndrew Dahle (Fruitland HS)

Grade 10
1st PlaceSam Seiniger (Boise HS)
2nd PlaceCraige Bergman (Mountain View HS)

1st PlaceShadow Hills Elementary School (7.5 points)
2nd PlaceFruitland High School (7.0 points)

Junior High Section


Grade 9
1st PlaceNathan Kaminski (Fairmont JHS)
2nd PlaceIva Stojkovska (Hidden Springs Charter )
3rd PlaceTroy Lee (Fairmont JHS)
4th PlaceKyra Dorman (Fairmont JHS)
5th PlaceMatthew Farrell (Homedale HS)
6th PlacePika Soos (Fairmont JHS)
7th PlaceIan Brune (Hidden Springs Charter)
8th PlaceTyler Jaramillo (Wood River HS)
9th PlaceSteven Snyder (Fairmont JHS)
10th PlaceNathan Abernathy (Mountain View HS)

Grade 8
1st PlaceSean Barry (Home School)
2nd PlaceLloyd Lee (Fairmont JHS)
3rd PlaceEli Somers (Fairmont JHS)
4th PlaceTeresa Barnes (Fairmont JHS)
5th PlaceCollin Sjobeck (Eagle MS)
6th PlaceNick Bruck (Wood River MS)
7th PlaceSelaah Hill (Fairmont JHS)
8th PlaceAlex Lopez (Fairmont JHS)
9th PlaceDaniel Butler (Eagle MS)
10th PlaceDivy Murli (Foothills School of Arts & Science)

Grade 7
1st PlaceSam Faucher (Hillside JHS)
2nd PlaceTyler Marcusen (Midway MS)
3rd PlaceRicky Abderhalden (Home School)
4th PlaceCaleb Abernathy (Mountain View HS)
5th PlaceKevin Chen (Foundations Academy)
6th PlaceDresden Gardener (Les Boise JHS)
7th PlaceOwen Glodt (Lowell Scott MS)
8th PlaceDaren Klein (Home School)
9th PlaceGamid Abatchev (Les Boise JHS)
10th PlaceScott Dennis (Moscow JHS)

1st PlaceFairmont JHS (12.0 points)
2nd PlaceHidden Springs Charter School (7.5 points)
3rd PlaceEagle MS (6.0 points)

Grade 6 Section

1st PlaceAdam Jiang (Collister ES)
2nd PlaceEmily Patterson (Rolling Hills Charter School)
3rd PlaceChristy Barkell (Lewis and Clark MS)
4th PlaceBrandyn Simpson (Woodland Hills ES)
5th PlaceArtyom Zack (Garden City Community School)
6th PlaceJustin Barry (Home School)
7th PlaceJacob Horstmeier (Rolling Hills Charter School)
8th PlaceNick Care (Foothills School of Arts & Science)
9th PlaceLuke Parkinson (Collister ES)
10th PlaceEthan Jessee (North Star Charter School)

1st PlaceCollister ES (11.0 points)
2nd PlaceRolling Hills Charter School (8.0 points)
3rd PlaceEagle MS (6.0 points)

Grade 5 Section

1st PlaceKatie Abderhalden (Home School)
2nd PlaceMichael Ye (Riverside ES)
3rd PlaceSoham Daptardar (Idaho Virtual Academy)
4th PlaceHayden Snow (Arrowrock Intl School)
5th PlaceElliott Sher (Foundations Academy)
6th PlaceJackson Parsons (Hillside HG)
7th PlaceJohny Seekamp (Meridian ES)
8th PlaceRyan Murphy (River Valley)
9th PlaceJacob Warwick (Amity ES)
10th PlaceTristan Arnold (Collister ES)

1st PlaceRiver Valley ES (10.0 points)
2nd PlaceCecil Andrus ES (9.5 points)
3rd PlaceCollister ES (8.5 points)

Grade 4 Section

1st PlaceMadison Wilson (Pepper Ridge ES)
2nd PlaceJoseph Sammartino (Arrowrock Intl School)
3rd PlaceEllen Dennis (Russell ES)
4th PlaceMackenzie Lee (Rose Hill Montessori)
5th PlaceLee Sullivan (Cynthia Mann ES)
6th PlaceTanner Anthony (Foothills School of Arts & Science)
7th PlaceBraelin Climer (Home School)
8th PlaceAlexis Cole (Hildden Springs Charter School)
9th PlaceEthan Levitch (Rose Hill Montessori)
10th PlaceLogan Filbert (Garden City Community)

1st PlaceRose Hill Montessori (11.0 points)
2nd PlaceCynthia Mann ES (10.0 points)
3rd PlaceWashington ES (9.0 points)

Grade 3 Section

1st PlaceDanny Takeuchi (Cecil Andrus ES)
2nd PlaceCarter Bedsole (Collister ES)
3rd PlacePhillip Cathers (Amity ES)
4th PlaceSeth Newville (Cynthia Mann ES)
5th PlaceMark Blaser (Joplin ES)
6th PlaceEric Bunnell (Washington ES)
7th PlaceEthan Renshaw (Cecil Andrus ES)
8th PlaceMichaela Abernathy (Home School)
9th PlaceDellan Zimmerman (North Star Charter School)
10th PlaceVanessa Wong (Washington ES)

1st PlaceWashington ES (11.0 points)
2nd PlaceCynthia Mann ES (10.0 points)
3rd PlaceCollister ES (10.0 points)

Grade 2 Section

1st PlaceKevin Jin (Pioneer ES)
2nd PlaceDaniel Liu (Pioneer ES)
3rd PlaceRobert Jiang (Collister ES)
4th PlaceDuncan Sibley (Garden City Community)
5th PlaceIan McCandless (Amity ES)
6th PlaceAlex Hamrick (Arrowrock Intl School)
7th PlaceKathy Min (Cecil Andrus ES)
8th PlaceMatthew Sammartino (Arrowrock Intl School)
9th PlaceTeddy Ramey (Washington ES)
10th PlaceConrad Ma (Riverside ES)

1st PlacePioneer ES (9.5 points)
2nd PlaceWashington ES (9.0 points)
3rd PlaceCollister ES (9.0 points)

Grade 1 Section

1st PlaceSimon Thomsen (Greenhurst ES)
2nd PlaceVenec Miller (Washington ES)
3rd PlaceDavid Hamiln (Collister ES)
4th PlaceLevi Thomsen (Greenhurst ES)
5th PlaceVincent Veibell (Arrowrock Intl School)
6th PlaceKatherine Yang (Foundains Academy)
7th PlaceJennifer Wong (Foundations Academy)
8th PlaceLogan Chai (Arrowrock Intl School)
9th PlaceCooper Shea (Foothills School of Arts & Science)
10th PlaceTrenton Cluff (Collister ES)

1st PlaceCollister ES (10.5 points)
2nd PlaceArrowrock Intl School (10.5 points)
3rd PlaceWashignton ES (10.5 points)

Kindergarten Section

1st PlaceCarol Jin (Pioneer Elementary)
2nd PlaceRachel Liu (Pioneer Elemenary)
3rd PlaceAnthony Luo (Pioneer Elementary)
4th PlaceCanon Mallari (Arrowrock Intl School)
5th PlaceLleyton Davis (Collister Elementary)