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2008 Idaho Scholastic Championship
(March 15, Boise, ID)

Crosstable Flyer

The 2008 Idaho Scholastic Championship was played at Riverglen Jr. High School on March 15, 2008. 344 entrants battled it out for a chance to become Idaho Scholastic Champion and to represent Idaho and play in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions in August. Luke Harmon-Vellotti of the 3rd grade won the tournament with a perfect 5-0 score, becoming the youngest player in Idaho history to win the Idaho Scholastic Championship. But since the Denker qualifier must be in grades 9-12, Luke is not eligible to go to the Denker this year. The top player who meets the Denker qualification is Brett Riley of Fruitland.

Update: Brett Riley of Fruitland went to represent Idaho at the 24th Annual Denker Tournament of High School Champions in Dallas, Texas Click here for the final crossbale of that event.


K-12 Championship Section


1st PlaceLuke Harmon-Vellotti (3rd Grade)
2nd PlaceBrett Riley (Fruitland HS, 12th Grade)
3rd PlaceJohn Nahlen (Centennial HS, 10th Grade)

Grade 12
1st PlaceCaleb Kircher
2nd PlaceGraeme Faulkner (Borah HS)

Grade 11
1st PlaceSam Seiniger (Boise HS)
2nd PlaceKitt Connor (Wood River HS)

Grade 10
1st PlaceErica Barkell (Meridian Medical Arts)
2nd PlaceTroy Lee (Capital HS)

1st PlaceWood River HS (9 points)
2nd PlaceCapital HS (9 points)

Junior High Section


Grade 9
1st PlaceAlex Lopez (Fairmont JHS), Co-Champion
1st PlaceLloyd Lee (Fairmont JHS), Co-Champion
3rd PlaceAndrew Uriarte (Wood River HS)
4th PlaceEli Somers (Fairmont JHS)

Grade 8
1st PlaceDaniel Vega-Myhre (Lowell Scott MS)
2nd PlaceSam Faucher (Hillside JHS)
3rd PlaceTyler Marcusen (Rigby JHS)
4th PlaceZach Bronstein (Fairmont JHS)

Grade 7
1st PlaceAdam Jiang (Hillside JHS)
2nd PlaceEmily Patterson (Rolling Hills Charter)
3rd PlaceKristen Drake (Hillside JHS)
4th PlaceDaniel Kondratyuk (Foundations Academy)

1st PlaceFairmont JHS (12½ points)
2nd PlaceHillside JHS (12½ points)
3rd PlaceWood River HS (9.0 points)

Grade 6 Section

1st PlaceMichael Ye (Riverside ES)
2nd PlaceJonathan Altieri (Calvary Christian School)
3rd PlaceElliott Sher (Foundations Academy)
4th PlaceSoham Daptardar
5th PlaceAndrew Liu (Lowell Scott MS)
6th PlaceBenjamin Crawford (Lowell Scott MS)
7th PlaceDouglas Klein
8th PlaceHanna Pagenkopf (Cynthia Mann ES)
9th PlaceZach Puett (Cynthia Mann ES)
10th PlaceTristan Arnold (Collister ES)

1st PlaceLowell Scott MS (9 points)
2nd PlaceCynthia Mann ES (7½ points)
3rd PlaceCollister ES (7 points)

Grade 5 Section

1st PlaceJoseph Southern (Crimson Point ES), Co-Champion
1st PlaceElijah Hill (Rolling Hills ES), Co-Champion
3rd PlaceEllen Dennis (Russell ES)
4th PlaceEthan Levitch (Rose Hill Montessori)
5th PlaceMackenzie Lee (Rose Hill Montessori)
6th PlaceMadison Wilson (Pepper Ridge)
7th PlaceAlex Daron (Nampa Christian)
8th PlaceJacob Farber (Cherry Gulch)
9th PlaceJoseph Sammartino (St. Marks)
10th PlaceLogan Filbert (Foundations Academy)

1st PlaceRose Hill Montessori (11 points)
2nd PlaceWashington ES (6½ points)
3rd PlaceCynthia Mann ES (6½ points)

Grade 4 Section

1st PlaceDylan Andrade (Garden City Community), Co-Champion
1st PlaceVanessa Wong (Collister ES), Co-Champion
3rd PlaceAlexander Kanet (Washington ES)
4th PlaceEric Bunnell (Washington ES)
5th PlaceDellan Zimmerman (North Star Charter)
6th PlaceCarmen Pemsler (Seven Oaks ES)
7th PlaceDanny Takeuchi (Cecil Andrus ES)
8th PlaceMaya Chavez (Roosevelt ES)
9th PlaceKirk Chapman (Riverside ES)
10th PlaceMatthew Rumson (River Valley ES)

1st PlaceWashington ES (11 points)
2nd PlaceRoosevelt ES (10 points)
3rd PlaceCollister ES (10 points)

Grade 3 Section

1st PlaceRobert Jiang (Collister ES)
2nd PlaceDaniel Liu (Cecil Andrus ES)
3rd PlaceRebecca Ebenroth
4th PlaceConrad Ma (Riverside ES)
5th PlaceMatthew Sammartino (St. Marks)
6th PlaceAlex Hamrick (Collister ES)
7th PlaceCasey Dudek (Cecil Andrus ES)
8th PlaceBrad VanAusdle (Cole Valley Christian)
9th PlaceDuncan Sibley (Collister ES)
10th PlaceFelix Nguyen (Washington ES)

1st PlaceCollister ES (12 points)
2nd PlaceCecil Andrus ES (11½ points)
3rd PlaceCynthia Mann ES (9 points)

Grade 2 Section

1st PlaceDavid Hamlin (Collister), Co-Champion
1st PlaceLevi Thomsen (Greenhurst ES), Co-Champion
3rd PlaceSimon Thomsen (Greenhurst ES)
4th PlaceJennifer Wong (Collister ES)
5th PlaceMorgan Tolson (River Valley ES)
6th PlaceTrenton Cluff (Collister ES)
7th PlaceJolie Drake (Collister ES)
8th PlaceThomas Konrath (Washington ES)
9th PlaceCooper Shea (Foothills School of Arts & Sciences)
10th PlaceBenjamin Balzer (Horizon ES)

1st PlaceCollister ES (13 points)
2nd PlaceGreenhurst ES (9 points)
3rd PlaceJoplin ES (8½ points)

Grade 1 Section

1st PlaceWayne Ebenroth
2nd PlaceVincent Veibell (Shadow Hills ES)
3rd PlaceAtticus Mackey (Joplin ES)
4th PlaceMichael Min (Cecil Andrus ES)
5th PlaceRachel Liu (Cecil Andrus ES)
6th PlaceNathan Phipps (Foundations Academy)
7th PlaceTrevor Stenquist
8th PlaceThomas Seabourn (Collister ES)
9th PlaceLleyton Davis (Collister ES)
10th PlaceSydney Davis (Riverstone Community)

1st PlaceCollister ES (8½ points)
2nd PlaceJoplin ES (8½ points)
3rd PlaceCecil Andrus ES (7 points)

Kindergarten Section

1st PlaceHarrison Thomsen
2nd PlaceJackson Elliot (Hidden Springs Charter)
3rd PlaceTimothy Wong
4th PlaceWill Lyons (Hidden Springs Charter)
5th PlaceBrian Krahn (Seven Oaks ES)