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2013 Idaho Scholastic Championship
(March 16, Boise, ID)

Crosstable Tiebreaks Flyer NWC Blog Post

2013 Idaho Scholastic Champion, Nathan Jiang (left) and ICA President, Jay Simonson (right) at the 2013 Idaho Scholastic Championship held March 16, 2013 in Boise, Idaho. Photo credit: Jeff Roland


Championship Section


1st PlaceNathan Jiang (Eagle, 9th Grade)
2nd PlaceTyler Lopez (Borah, 11th Grade)
3rd PlaceSavanna Naccarato (Sandpoint, 10th Grade)

Grade 12
1st PlaceMegan Jones (Wood River)
2nd PlaceNick Care (Boise)

Grade 11
1st PlaceCody Gorman (Renaissance)
2nd PlaceTristan Arnold (Boise)

Grade 10
1st PlaceKory Puderbaugh (Meridian Technical)
2nd PlaceDesmond Porth (Wood River)

Grade 9
1st PlaceCarmen Pemsler (Riverglen)
2nd PlaceMichael Abernathy

Barber K-8 Champion
1st PlaceJacob Nathan (3rd Grade)
2nd PlaceBlake Magnuson (Northstar, 6th Grade)

1st PlaceBorah HS, Boise, Idaho (10 points; 43 Solk)
2nd PlaceWood River HS, Hailey, Idaho (9 points; 47 Solk)

Grade 8 Section

1st PlaceRobert Jiang (Lowell Scott)
2nd PlaceSebastian Chao (Lewis and Clark)
3rd PlaceBrayden Riley (Fresco)
4th PlaceNathan Stouffer (Rood River)
5th PlaceKieran Arnold (Hillside)

1st PlaceLewis and Clark MS, Boise, Idaho (5 points; 22 Solk)

Grade 7 Section

1st PlaceJo Wang (Heritage)
2nd PlaceLucas Knoll (Sage)
3rd PlaceAlethea Chaney (Ambrose)
4th PlaceDylan Porth (Wood River)
5th PlaceAri Berg (Sage)

1st PlaceSage International, Boise, Idaho (8 points; 38 Solk)
2nd PlaceLewis and Clark MS, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 34 Solk)

Grade 6 Section

1st PlaceIsaac Blake (Cynthia Mann)*
2nd PlaceJohn Chen (Lowell Scott)*
3rd PlaceAnthony Luo (Lowell Scott)
4th PlaceJordan Nielsen (La Mia Terra)
5th PlaceNoah Jarvis (Northstar)
6th PlaceElias Willerup (Washington)
7th PlaceGarrett Stouffer (Wood River)
8th PlaceBrooklyn Mayer (Sage International)
9th PlaceOlivia DeAngelis (Riverstone International)
10th PlaceMichael Kappelman (Lake Hazel)

* Tie-breaks gave the bigger 1st place trophy to Isaac Blake, but Isaac Blake and John Chen are considered to be co-champions of the 6th grade.

1st PlaceLowell Scott, Boise, Idaho (8½ points; 30½ Solk)
2nd PlaceSage International, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 31½ Solk)

Grade 5 Section

1st PlaceKevin Yang (Valley View)
2nd PlaceAdam Pettyjohn (Cynthia Mann)
3rd PlaceLance Thrall (Pioneer)
4th PlaceSabrina Ripley (Pioneer)
5th PlaceTaylor Nicholas (Sage International)
6th PlaceLeah Abernathy
7th PlaceAndras Britschgi (Sage International)
8th PlaceBraxton Quintero (Payette)
9th PlaceZane Barckholtz (Hailey)
10th PlaceCarson Barningham (Cecil Andrus)
11th PlaceNatalie Adams
12th PlaceAmelia Mussler-Wright (Washington)
13th PlaceLaurel Wheaton (Washington)
14th PlaceAustin Hunt (Washington)
15th PlaceSeth Moore (Washington)

1st PlacePioneer Elementary, Boise, Idaho (8½ points; 36½ Solk)
2nd PlaceWashington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (6½ points; 40½ Solk)

Grade 4 Section

1st PlaceDaniel Duan (Riverside)
2nd PlaceRyan Ripley (Pioneer)
3rd PlaceJonah Banta (Washington)
4th PlaceElijah Thibodeau (Cynthia Mann)
5th PlaceRosie Hill (Northstar)
6th PlaceHenry Neal (Galileo)
7th PlaceDavid Hoehler (Riverstone International)
8th PlaceKeegan Jones (Sage International)
9th PlaceMatt O'Meara (Riverside)
10th PlaceAidan Gray (Galileo)
11th PlaceVishvesha Sridhar (Collister)
12th PlaceCarl Tomchak (Collister)
13th PlaceNathaniel Adams
14th PlaceAustin Li (Cecil Andrus)
15th PlaceJacoby Smith (Riverside)

1st PlaceRiverside Elementary, Boise, Idaho (11½ points; 41 Solk)
2nd PlaceGalileo Magnet, Meridian, Idaho (10 points; 39 Solk)

Grade 3 Section

1st PlaceRayan Mahin (Challenger)
2nd PlaceNathan Bommerbach (Payette)
3rd PlaceLogan McDougal (White Pine)
4th PlaceJames Liu (Collister)
5th PlaceFrederick Zhang (White Pine)
6th PlaceVincent Giordano (Cecil Andrus)
7th PlaceColin Dempsey (Sage International)
8th PlaceIsaac Fishman (Collister)
9th PlaceRyan Thrall (Pioneer)
10th PlaceBennet Pierce-Loayza (Sage International)
11th PlaceDarci DeAngelis (Riverstone International)
12th PlaceNathan Edvalson (Cecil Andrus)
13th PlaceMax Keller (Sage International)
14th PlaceMiles Nielsen (La Mia Terra)
15th PlaceRyan Grubb (Galileo)

1st PlaceSage International, Boise, Idaho (12½ points; 61 Solk)
2nd PlaceCecil Andrus, Boise, Idaho (11½ points; 58½ Solk)

Grade 2 Section

1st PlaceDaniel Fernandez (Collister)
2nd PlaceVerah Arnold
3rd PlaceRyan Marquardt (Galileo Magnet)
4th PlaceTyler Erben (Challenger)
5th PlaceJustin Siek (Collister)
6th PlaceOwen Stouffer (Bellevue)
7th PlaceBen Siegenthaler (Sage International)
8th PlaceJieming Mei (Riverside)
9th PlaceWency Suo (Riverside)
10th PlaceAlexander Wong (Sage International)
11th PlacePaul Sawyer (Longfellow)
12th PlaceMoten Samuel (Northstar)
13th PlaceJaydin Morin-Bishop (Payette)
14th PlaceAkshay Shyam (Cecil Andrus)
15th PlaceErik Tomten (Washington)

1st PlaceCollister Elementary, Boise, Idaho (10½ points; 41½ Solk)
2nd PlaceSage International, Boise, Idaho (8 points; 39 Solk)

Grade 1 Section

1st PlaceLucas Coltrin (Summerwind)**
2nd PlaceAlex Kitsinger (Collister)**
3rd PlaceMercedes Fernandez (St. Marys)
4th PlaceRyan Hughes (Challenger)
5th PlaceNathan Smith (Payette)
6th PlaceJacob Edvalson (Cecil Andrus)
7th PlaceAugust Mussler-Wright (Washington)
8th PlaceEmma Palmer (Washington)
9th PlaceEthan Li (Cecil Andrus)
10th PlaceDallan Riley (River Valley)

** Tie-breaks awarded first place (and the top trophy) to Lucas Coltrin and second place to Alex Kitsinger, but they are considered to be co-champions of the first grade.

1st PlaceCecil Andrus, Boise, Idaho (9½ points; 32 Solk)
2nd PlacePayette Primary, Payette, Idaho (7½ points; 32½ Solk)

Kindergarten Section

1st PlaceJames Wei (Pioneer)
2nd PlaceDaniel Zhang (Cecil Andrus)
3rd PlaceSamuel Li (Riverside)
4th PlaceOliver Nathan
5th PlaceDylan Waugh (Galileo Magnet)