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Idaho Scholastic Championship
March 15, 2014

Crosstables Results Flyers


L-R: Elijah Hill, Cody Gorman, ICA President Jeffrey Roland. Photo credit: Adam Porth

L-R: Carmen Pemsler, Cody Gorman play on the top board in the final round of the Championship Section. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland


Championship Section


1st-2nd Place (Co-Champion)Cody Gorman (Renaissance High School, 12th Grade)*
1st-2nd Place (Co-Champion)Elijah Hill (Renaissance High School, 11th Grade)*
3rd PlaceJacob Nathan (Snake River Montessori, 4th Grade)

* Note: Tie-break gave first place trophy and the first right to represent Idaho at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions to Cody Gorman, however both players are recognized officially as Co-Champions.

Grade 12
1st PlaceTyler Lopez (Borah High School)
2nd PlaceTyler Avila (Silver Creek High School)
3rd PlaceEric Garcia (Borah High School)

Grade 11
1st PlaceDesmond Porth (Wood River High School)
2nd PlaceJourney Iverson (Silver Creek High School)
3rd PlaceLevi CatangCatang (Wood River High School)

Grade 10
1st PlaceCarmen Pemsler (Capital High School)
2nd PlaceMichaela Abernathy
3rd PlaceAndre Murphy (Wood River High School)

Grade 9
1st PlaceCooper Dean (Wood River High School)
2nd PlaceCameron Howard (Mountain View High School)

1st PlaceWood River High School, Hailey, Idaho (9 ponts; 39 Solk)
2nd PlaceRenaissance High School, Meridian, Idaho (9 points; 27 Solk)
3rd PlaceBorah High School, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 35 Solk)
4th PlaceSilver Creek High School, Hailey, Idaho (5 points; 29½ Solk)

Grade 8 Section

1st PlaceLucas Knoll (Mountain Home Jr. High)
2nd PlaceJo Wang (Heritage Middle School)
3rd PlaceNichole Adams
4th PlaceGarrett Hansen (Lewis and Clark Middle School)
5th PlaceAshwin Shyam (Lowell Scott Middle School)

1st PlaceLewis and Clark Middle School, Boise, Idaho (6½ points; 34½ Solk)
2nd PlaceWood River Middle School, Hailey, Idaho (3½ points; 22½ Solk)

Grade 7 Section

1st PlaceJohn Chen (Lowell Scott Middle School)
2nd PlaceBrody Schut (Eagle Middle School)
3rd PlaceNoah Jarvis (North Star Charter School)
4th PlaceIsaac Blake (Hillside Junior High School)
5th PlaceChristopher Baumann (Ambrose School)
6th PlaceKatelyn Genta (Eagle Middle School)
7th PlaceGarrett Strickler (Eagle Middle School)
8th PlaceMichael Min (Lowell Scott Middle School)

1st PlaceEagle Middle School, Eagle, Idaho (10 points; 41½ Solk)
2nd PlaceLowell Scott Middle School, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 27½ Solk)

Grade 6 Section

1st PlaceNathan Avey (Eagle Middle School)
2nd PlaceBrian Krahn (Eagle Middle School)
3rd PlaceKevin Yang (Valley View Elementary)
4th PlaceReid Pelton (Riverstone International)
5th PlaceSeamus McArthur (North Star Charter School)
6th PlaceZachery Knoll (Eagle Middle School)
7th PlaceCara Liu (Eagle Middle School)
8th PlaceConner Parrott (Lowell Scott Middle School)
9th PlaceCamden Schafer (Lewis and Clark Middle School)
10th PlaceJD Mazzarelli (Sage International Charter School)

1st PlaceEagle Middle School, Eagle, Idaho (11½ points; 44½ Solk)
2nd PlaceWashington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (6½ points; 30½ Solk)
3rd PlaceLewis and Clark Middle School, Boise, Idaho (5 points; 31½ Solk)

Grade 5 Section

1st PlaceElijah Thibodeau (Cynthia Mann Elementary)
2nd PlaceNathaniel Adams
3rd PlaceDaniel Duan (Riverside Elementary)
4th PlaceAustin Li (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
5th PlaceMalcolm Hodson (Washington Elementary)
6th PlaceLian Barrett (Grace Jordan Elementary)
7th PlaceKeegan Jones (Sage INternational Charter School)
8th PlaceMason Adamson (North Star Charter School)
9th PlaceAnnika Willerup (Washington Elementary)
10th PlaceTavish Lamontagne (Washington Elementary)
11th PlaceEric Henson (Montessori Academy)
12th PlaceAidan Daley (Maple Grover Elementary)
13th PlaceTristan Aja (Summerwind STEM Academy)
14th PlaceJonah Banta (Washington Elementary)
15th PlaceMax Palmer (Washington Elementary)

1st PlaceWashington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (10 points; 34½ Solk)
2nd PlaceNorth Star Charter School, Eagle, Idaho (6½ points; 35 Solk)
3rd PlaceCecil Andrus Elementary, Boise, Idaho (5 points; 18½ Solk)

Grade 4 Section

1st PlaceRayan Mahin (Challenger School)
2nd PlaceMorgan Parrott (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
3rd PlaceVincent Giordano (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
4th PlaceDennis Delaney (Riverstone International)
5th PlaceDrew Fethke (Riverside Elementary)
6th PlaceCeleste Hollist
7th PlaceAditya Verulkar (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
8th PlaceColin Dempsey (Sage International Charter School)
9th PlaceMax Keller (Sage International Charter School)
10th PlaceQuentin Van Law (Hailey Elementary)
11th PlaceOtto Olson (Hailey Elementary)
12th PlaceKeshav Sharma (Montessori Academy)
13th PlaceMaya Andersen (North Star Charter School)
14th PlaceRyan Harrington (Westside Elementary)
15th PlaceBrian Daley (Monroe Elementary)

1st PlaceCecil Andrus Elementary, Boise, Idaho (11 points; 48½ Solk)
2nd PlaceSage International Charter School, Boise, Idaho (8 points; 39 Solk)
3rd PlaceWashington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (6 points; 34½ Solk)

Grade 3 Section

1st PlaceJustin Siek (Collister Elementary)
2nd PlaceDavid Walker (Summerwind STEM Academy)
3rd PlacePaul Sawyer (Washington Elementary)
4th PlaceDaniel Fernandez (Collister Elementary)
5th PlaceAkshay Shyam (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
6th PlaceJustin He (Riverside Elementary)
7th PlaceSean Henson (Challenger School)
8th PlaceKaden Wallace (North Star Charter School)
9th PlaceBen Siegenthaler (Sage International Charter School)
10th PlaceMason Benoit (Collister Elementary)
11th PlaceMikhil Sharma (Montessori Academy)
12th PlaceAlexander Wong (Sage International Charter School)
13th PlaceQuentin Trull (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
14th PlaceZephyr Mazzarelli
15th PlaceNate Veltman (Washington Elementary)

1st PlaceCollistser Elementary, Boise, Idaho (12 points; 44 Solk)
2nd PlaceWashington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (9½ points; 40½ Solk)
3rd PlaceCecil Andrus Elementary, Boise, Idaho (9 points; 40 Solk)

Grade 2 Section

1st PlaceJared Wasden (Pioneer Elementary)
2nd PlaceBrennan Webb (Galileo STEM Academy)
3rd PlaceEmma Palmer (Washington Elementary)
4th PlaceWyatt Crumrine (Sage International Charter School)
5th PlaceBen Fethke (Riverside Elementary)
6th PlaceForrest Zeng
7th PlaceAlex Guo (Trail Wind Elementary)
8th PlaceCormac Murray (Pepper Ridge Elementary)
9th PlaceMercedes Fernandez (Collister Elementary)
10th PlaceSara Hollist
11th PlaceHenry Crumrine (Sage International Charter School)
12th PlaceEthan Li (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
13th PlaceAlex Kitsinger (Collister Elementary)
14th PlaceLiam Hodson (Washington Elementary)
15th PlaceGabriel Aja (Summerwind STEM Academy)

1st PlaceWashington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (9½ points; 36 Solk)
2nd PlacePepper Ridge Elementary, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 40½ Solk)
3rd PlacePioneer Elementary, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 26½ Solk)

Grade 1 Section

1st PlaceJames Wei (Pioneer Elementary)
2nd PlaceIzak Bengoechea-Little (Ambrose School)
3rd PlaceDaniel Zhang (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
4th PlaceJosiah Crow (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
5th PlaceOliver Nathan (Snake River Montessori)
6th PlaceDaniel Le
7th PlaceSamuel Li (Collister Elementary)
8th PlaceAlex Wang (Horizon Elementary)
9th PlaceMax Hollist
10th PlaceDylan Waugh (Galileo STEM Academy)
11th PlaceOliver VanDeGrift (Washington Elementary)
12th PlaceKevin Parsons (Payette Primary)
13th PlaceNora Erben (Challenger School)
14th PlaceHelena Liu (Collister Elementary)
15th PlaceNatalya Smith (Galileo STEM Academy)

1st PlaceCecil Andrus, Boise, Idaho (7½ points; 31½ Solk)
2nd PlacePayette Primary, Payette, Idaho (6½ points; 32 Solk)
3rd PlacePioneer Elementary, Boise, Idaho (6 points; 23½ Solk)

Kindergarten Section

1st PlaceMarcus Hernandez (Sage International Charter School)
2nd PlaceJonathan Zhang (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
3rd PlaceStephen Crow (Cecil Andrus Elementary)
4th PlaceOlivia Thomas
5th PlaceSofia Thornton (Washington Elementary)
6th PlaceKallista Smith (Payette Primary)
7th PlaceDrew Haechrel (Washington Elementary)
8th PlaceAbigail Davis (Riverstone International)