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2007 Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship
(February 24, Boise, ID)

Crosstable Games Flyer

The fourth annual Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship brought sixty-one (61) participants together in a very enjoyable event. The championship section was rated by USCF. The other sections were unrated. Tie-Break order was as follows: Modified Median, Solkoff, Cumulative, and Opponent's Cumulative. Erica Barkell qualifies to be the Idaho representative in the Polgar National Invitational for Girls tournament to be held later this year.

Here is a list of the prize winners:

7-12 Section
1st Overall - Erica Barkell
2nd Overall - Kyra Dorman
3rd Overall - Teresa C. Barnes

1st Grade 10 - Line Winslow
1st Grade 9 - Iva Stojkovska
1st Grade 8 - Cynthia Nutter
1st Grade 7 - Abigail V. Mocettini

4-6 Section
1st Grade 6 - Emily Patterson
2nd Grade 6 - Christy Barkell
3rd Grade 6 - Sage Sundrud

1st Grade 5 - Emily Castrigno
2nd Grade 5 - Hanna Pagenkopf
3rd Grade 5 - Mary Petzke

1st Grade 4 - Jenny Lundt
2nd Grade 4 - Rebecca Rodeghiero
3rd Grade 4 - Madison Wilson

K-3 Section
1st Grade 3 - Vanessa Wong
2nd Grade 3 - Katie Patterson
3rd Grade 3 - Carmen Pemsler

1st Grade 2 - Kathy Min
2nd Grade 2 - Amy Waskoviak
3rd Grade 2 - Anne Xia

1st Grade 1 - Sydney Miller
2nd Grade 1 - Jennifer Wong
3rd Grade 1 - Jolie Drake

1st Grade K - Rachel Liu
2nd Grade K - Sydney Davis