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2012 Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship
(February 25, Boise, ID)

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Floor TD, Jeff Roland, attentively answers a question from a student in the 2012 Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship. Photo credit Craig Barrett.

Tournament Report

by Jeff Roland

Twenty-eight (28) girls played in the 9th Annual Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship, played at Fairmont Jr. High School in Boise, Idaho on February 25, 2012. There were three (3) sections of play -- the 7-12 Grade Championship Section (players were allowed to play up into this section), the 4-6 Grade Section, and the K-3 Grade Section. Only the Championship Section was USCF rated, the other sections were unrated. For the first time, this tournament was held concurrently alongside the 2012 Idaho Scholastic Novice Tournament.

Since there were only four (4) girls in the Championship Section, that section was a double round robin. Michaela Abernathy (Home School, 8th grade), won the section with 5 points, followed by Carmen Pemsler (Eagle Middle School, 8th grade) with 4 points, Emily Patterson (Meridian Technical Charter School, 11th grade) with 3 points, and Anna Kappelman (Coventry Academy, 8th grade) in her first rated event with 0 points. Michaela Abernathy will have first rights to represent Idaho in her choice of either the Susan Polgar Girls Invitational or the USCF equivalent.

In the 4th-6th Grade Section, Alethea Chaney (Ambrose School, 6th grade) won first place with 4½ points, followed by Isabella Ojukwu (Washington Elementary School, 4th grade) at second place with 3½ points, and Leah Abernathy (Home School, 4th grade) at third place with 3½ points. Nichole Adams (Home School, 6th grade) was fourth place also with 3½ points.

In the K-3 Grade Section, Elena Yang (Cecil Andrus Elementary School, 3rd grade) was first place with a score of 5 points. Adaria Arnold (North Star Charter School, 3rd grade) was second place with 4 points. Verah Arnold (Home School, 1st grade) was third place with 3 points.

Craig Barrett was the Chief TD overseeing the entire event. Jeff Roland was the Floor TD. Curtis Barrett was the Head Computer TD. Tigger Barrett, Nichole Carlson, and Cody Stump were TD Assistants. Elizabeth Barrett, Danielle Patterson, and Tad Flannigan worked the concessions. Katie Patterson helped with set-up. Kevin Patterson made announcements and hosted the awards ceremony.

Kevin Patterson communicated the announcements so well that whenever a new round was time to start, the girls simply walked into the gymnasium, sat in the right places at the tables with no distractions to anyone else, and were ready to start the round. From my perspective as floor TD, this was wonderful! I did not need to make any announcements at all on the floor. But I did make one. Just before play commenced for the final round, I expressed my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the girls for the way they conducted themselves throughout the tournament, showing courtesy and respect toward one another, and for making the event one of the most pleasant in my memory.

The tournament ran so smoothly, even with six (6) rounds in the Championship Section, that the entire event was finished almost an hour ahead of schedule. Thanks to all who helped clean up after the event was done, everyone was out of the building way ahead of schedule.


Championship Section

Michaela Abernathy - 1st Place
Carmen Pemsler - 2nd Place
Emily N. Patterson - 3rd Place

4-6 Grade Section

Alethea Chaney - 1st Place
Isabella Ojukwu - 2nd Place
Leah Abernathy - 3rd Place

K-3 Grade Section

Elena Yang - 1st Place
Adaria Arnold - 2nd Place
Verah Arnold - 3rd Place