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2015 Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship
(April 4, Hailey, ID)

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Report by Adam Porth

It almost didn't happen, but members of the Idaho Chess Association board of directors banded together to put on a special event for the girls of Idaho -- the Idaho Scholastic Girls Championship. The ICA hosts the Triple Crown for novices, Scholastic K-12, and the Girls Championship (affectionately referred to as Girls State by the late Dick Vandenburg, scholastic director for many years). This year, the ICA scholastic committee decided to forgo the Girls Championship and select Idaho's female representative from a combined girls and boys section. Enthusiastic members of the chess community decided to help organize the girls tournament instead.

The Idaho Scholastic Girls Champion for 2015 is Temiloluwa Aderogba (Temi). The winner of the championship gets first choice to represent Idaho at the Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational and the National Girls Championship (NGIT). On hand to defend her title was 2014 Champion Carmen Pemsler and during Round five she met Temi and succumbed in an endgame of pawns and kings. Other players commented on Temi's proficient endgame tactics and strategy. Temi recently moved to Idaho from England where she began playing chess. She is also a 5th grader!

All sections were combined into one unrated open section, though players competed for prizes in their own sections. In another intense game during Round five, Celeste Hollist and Darci DeAngelis (both in 5th grade) continued a rivalry that began in the final game at the Idaho Scholastic State Championship in February. This time, Celeste won.

Organizers Alise Pemsler and Adam Porth created many side-events for entertainment and education. Chess movies were shown in the theater ("Searching for Bobby Fischer", "Brooklyn Castle", and "Knights of the Bronx"), the Blaine County Recreation District provided passes for their workout rooms, giant chess, simuls, and more.

Levi Catangcatang played participants, parents, and friends in a simultaneous exhibition for a school project. He played for nearly six hours and won six out of 12 games. Fred Bartell from the Magic Valley Chess Club was on hand to help participants learn from games, as well.


K-12 Overall
1st place Temiloluwa Aderogba
2nd place Carmen Pemsler
3rd place Dylan Porth

6-8th grade Overall
1st place Amelia Mussler-Wright
2nd place Katlyn Genta
3rd place Heidi Mungall

4-5th grade Overall
1st place Celeste Hollist
2nd place Darci DeAngelis
3rd place Alex Schrader

K-3rd grade Overall
1st place Mechitas Fernandez
2nd place Sara Hollist
3rd place Veronica Richmond

1st place grade level prizes:
12th grade Abby Shiner
4th grade Daniela Valencia
2nd grade Simone Williams
1st grade Audrey Richmond