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2008 Idaho Scholastic Novice Championship
(January 26, Boise, ID)

Crosstable Flyer

The Third Annual Idaho Scholastic Novice Chess Championship was held at Washington Elementary School on Saturday, January 26, 2008. Ninety-nine (99) students from nineteen (19) Idaho schools comprised the event.

The tournament was directed by Jeff Roland, ICA President, with Isaac Barrett and Carl Harmon-Vellotti as assistant tournament directors. Jordan Barrett provided additional tournament assistance. Also in attendance was Dick Vandenburg, Trustee for Scholastic Development.

Please click on the following link, The Cherry Gulch Story (1-27-08), for a contribution from one of the spectators close to the Cherry Gulch chess team. It is great to read things like this and to see how a tournament like this can make such a difference in a young person.


7-12 Section
Homedale High - 1st Place
Cherry Gulch - 2nd Place

4-6 Section
River Valley Elementary - 1st Place
Nampa Christian Elementary - 2nd Place
Pepper Ridge Elementary - 3rd Place

K-3 Section
River Valley Elementary - 1st Place
Pepper Ridge Elementary - 2nd Place
Washington Elementary - 3rd Place


Grade 12
Gage Kieth Egurrola (Homedale) - 1st Place
Joshua Daniel Klug (Homedale) - 2nd Place
Samuel David Walter Hart (Homedale) - 3rd Place

Grade 11
Julia Walsh (Nampa Christian) - 1st Place
Jonathan Lewellyn (Nampa Christian) - 2nd Place

Grade 10
Aaron Proferes (Homedale) - 1st Place

Grade 9
Tom Montbriand (Cherry Gulch) - 1st Place

Grade 8
Devon Nichols (Cherry Gulch) - 1st Place
Joe Delp-Kurtz (Cherry Gulch) - 2nd Place
Ryan Deblanc (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place

Grade 7
Connor DeLong (Fairmont) - 1st Place
Jeremiah Wilson (Fairmont) - 2nd Place
Truman Whitney (Home School) - 3rd Place

Grade 6
Joseph Franklin O'Clock (Lake Hazel Middle) - 1st Place
Jacob Tiersma (Nampa Christian) - 2nd Place
Ryan Waddell (Lewis & Clark Middle) - 3rd Place
Zachary Lewis (Lewis & Clark Middle) - 4th Place

Grade 5
Alex Daron (Nampa Christian) - 1st Place
Tevor Adcock (River Valley) - 2nd Place
Gabriel Benavides (Pepper Ridge) - 3rd Place
Mike Wilson (River Valley) - 4th Place
Madison Bloom (River Valley) - 5th Place

Grade 4
Hazen M. Curran (Washington) - 1st Place
Matthew Rumsey (River Valley) - 2nd Place
Paige Tilley (Valleyview) - 3rd Place
Steve Tiersma (Nampa Christian) - 4th Place
Oliver Dahl (Galileo) - 5th Place

Grade 3
Joshua Barrell (Perigrine) - 1st Place
Kate Stepherson (River Valley) - 2nd Place
Tate York (Pepper Ridge) - 3rd Place
Jordan Budinoff (Washington) - 4th Place
Sara Stepherson (River Valley) - 5th Place

Grade 2
Josh Anderson (River Valley) - 1st Place
Morgan Tolson (River Valley) - 2nd Place
Henry Whitney (Home School) - 3rd Place
Matthew Stott (Galileo) - 4th Place
Grayeson Bloom (River Valley) - 5th Place

Grade 1
Tenje Zimmerer (Washington) - 1st Place
Audrey Camille Hurt (Riverstone) - 2nd Place
Peter Grossenbacher (Pepper Ridge) - 3rd Place
Ryan Foss (Shadow Hills) - 4t Place
John Brookins (Shadow Hills) - 5th Place

Grade K
Louis Dhoore (Shadow Hills) - 1st Place
Spencer Dike (River Valley) - 2nd Place
Joshua Ebenroth (Home School) - 3rd Place