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Idaho State Champions 1947-Present

In 1947-1957 and 1968-1969, only the "Idaho Tournament" (aka Idaho Invitational) or Idaho Open tournament was held. The Idaho Tournament from 1947-1957 was open to all Idaho residents, but several players were invited from out-of-state. The top placing Idaho resident was declared the Idaho State Champion. Separate Idaho Closed and Idaho Open tournaments were held from 1958-1967 and from 1970-today, except that some years during that interval didn't have an Idaho Open tournament. Except for 1947-1957 and 1968-1969, it is from the Idaho Closed that the title of Idaho State Champion is declared.

The Idaho State Championship title was shared in 1951. From 1952-1976 the title was given on tie breaks. From 1977 to today the title is once again shared among the tied players.

YearClosed WinnerCityOpen WinnerCity
1947Charles H. StewartBoise, ID  
1948Mel SchubertPocatello, IDWilliam F. TaberReno, NV
1949Charles H. StewartBoise, ID  
1950LaVerl KimptonFiler, IDWilliam F. TaberReno, NV
1951Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDHerman DittmanSalt Lake City, UT
(tie)LaVerl KimptonFiler, ID  
1952LaVerl KimptonFiler, ID  
1953LaVerl KimptonFiler, IDOscar W. ManneySeattle, WA
1954Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDMaurice GedanceLas Vegas, NV
1955Dick VandenburgBoise, IDWilliam F. TaberReno, NV
1956Glen BuckendorfBuhl, ID  
1957Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDKenneth R. JonesReno, NV
1958Dick VandenburgBoise, IDDr. Peter LapikenMissoula, MT
1959Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDGaston ChappuisSalt Lake City, UT
1960Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDMichael J. FranettSeattle, WA
1961George Krauss Jr.Mtn. Home AFBGaston ChappuisSalt Lake City, UT
1962George Krauss Jr.Mtn. Home AFBDonald TurnerThe Dalles, OR
1963Dick VandenburgBoise, IDDonald TurnerThe Dalles, OR
1964Dick VandenburgBoise, IDGaston ChappuisSalt Lake City, UT
1965Dick VandenburgBoise, IDDick VandenburgBoise, ID
1966Bert GermalmBlackfoot, IDGaston ChappuisSalt Lake City, UT
1967Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDRobert MitchellKlamath Falls, OR
1968Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDSief PoulsonSalem, OR
1969Wolfgang FreesePocatello, IDWolfgang FreesePocatello, ID
1970Rex WilcoxPocatello, IDMitch MontchalinHappy Valley, OR
1971David ReynodsPocatello, IDGlen BuckendorfBuhl, ID
1972Glen BuckendorfBuhl, IDDonald ArnowSalt Lake City, UT
1973Harold MoyeKimberly, IDSam BarrSeattle, WA
1974Kenneth SandersonBoise, IDLeo StefurakSeattle, WA
1975Gregory T. PerrymanBoise, IDRobert StephensonPortland, OR
1976William WhitacreBoise, IDMichael SchemmPortland, OR
1977Dick VandenburgBoise, IDYasser SeirawanSeattle, WA
(tie)Larry R. ParsonsBoise, ID  
1978William WhitacreBoise, IDTodd Q. MillerSalt Lake City, UT
1979Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDJerome V. WeikelReno, NV
1980Richard BurchettBoise, IDTodd Q. MillerSalt Lake City, UT
1981Yge VisserNetherlandsEric TangbornTacoma, WA
(tie)Richard BurchettBoise, ID  
1982Paul JohnsonBoise, IDIM John DonaldsonSeattle, WA
(tie)Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDCraig MadsenSalt Lake City, UT
1983Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDCraig MadsenSalt Lake City, UT
1984Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDViktors PupolsBremmerton, WA
1985Paul JohnsonBoise, IDViktors PupolsBremmerton, WA
1986Leslie R. ColinBoiseViktors PupolsBremmerton, WA
1987Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDFred M. NelsonMurray, UT
   Stewart Q. SuttonCaldwell, ID
1988Stewart Q. SuttonCaldwell, IDKevin D. JohnsonWest Valley City, UT
(tie)Steven AllieLewiston, ID  
1989Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDJoseph KennedyStar, ID
1990Joseph KennedyStar, IDLarry R. ParsonsBoise, ID
1991Joseph KennedyStar, IDLarry R. ParsonsBoise, ID
1992Joseph KennedyStar, IDMichael A. HendersonBoise, ID
1993Michael A. HendersonBoise, IDJoseph KennedyStar, ID
1994Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDLeslie R. ColinBoise, ID
(tie)Daniel D. DrummBoise, IDJames H. McGarveyBoise, ID
1995John B. CarrPocatello, IDno touranment 
(tie)Jim A. McClureBoise, ID  
1996Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDGM Walter S. BrowneBerkeley, CA
1997Leroy HillMtn. Home AFBIM John DonaldsonSan Francisco, CA
(tie)Larry R. ParsonsBoise, ID  
(tie)Stewart Q. SuttonBoise, ID  
1998Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDIM John DonaldsonSan Francisco, CA
1999Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDGarrett ReynodsTwin Falls, ID
2000Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDno tournament 
2001Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDHans M. MorrowPocatello, ID
(tie)Stewart Q. SuttonBoise, ID  
(tie)Glen BuckendorfBuhl, ID  
2002Michael D. GoldBoise, IDRobert KeoughBoise, ID
(tie)Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDDavid J. EackerMoscow, ID
2003Michael D. GoldBoise, IDno tournament 
2004Stewart Q. SuttonBoise, IDGregory W. NowakMissoula, MT
(tie)Dylan T. SmithBoise, IDJesse B. BrentPocatello, ID
(tie)David J. EackerMoscow, IDMichael E. Vander SysOgden, UT
2005Karl T. DisherBoise, IDIM John DonaldsonSan Francisco, CA
2006Garrett ReynoldsTwin Falls, IDPatrick M. FlynnBoise, ID
(tie)Daniel A. TaylorEagle, ID  
2007Hans M. MorrowPocatello, IDRandy ZumbrunnenSalt Lake City, UT
2008Doitchin Krastev *Fruitland, IDHans M. MorrowFarmington, UT
2009Garrett ReynoldsBoise, IDGregory W. NowakMissoula, MT
2010Phil WeylandBoise, IDKatie AbderhaldenBoise, ID
(tie)Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDHans M. MorrowFarmington, UT
(tie)Doitchin Krastev *Caldwell, ID  
2011Caleb P. AbernathyMeridian, IDGregory W. NowakMissoula, MT
2012Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDTed BelanoffWoodside, CA
(tie)Blake FurlowBoise, ID  
2013Larry R. ParsonsBoise, IDHans M. MorrowFarmington, UT
2014Caleb Paul KircherNampa, IDFrisco Del RosarioSan Mateo, CA
2015David LuckyEagle, IDDavid LuckyEagle, ID
2016David LuckyEagle, IDDavid LuckyEagle, ID

* Doitchin Krastev illegally used the name Jason Evers when competing in the 2008 and 2010 Idaho Closed State Championships.