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2011 Meridian Invitational Chess Tournament
(August 20, Meridian, ID)

Games Pictures Flyer
Score Sheets: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4 Pairing Sheets Wall Charts

Photos courtesy of Jeff Roland

Frank Niro provided 2 very large submarine sandwiches (1 turkey, and 1 ham).

Corey Longhurst (White) versus Frank Niro III (Black). Hugh Myers looking down on the game, Caleb Kircher in the "Boise State" shirt, Tash Niro in the background, and Jamie Lang pouring himself a drink.

Our Chief TD, Frank Niro, "cracking the whip!"

At the start of Round 3... Jamie Lang (White, front) versus Hugh Myers (Black, front). Corey Longhurst (Black, back) versus Caleb Kircher (White, back).

Paul Edvalson, shown here, concentrates on his 4th move in his 3rd round game.

Caleb Kircher (White) versus Corey Longhurst (Black) on front board, while Hugh Myers (next to Caleb) looks at the game, and Jamie Lang (background) concentrates on his next move.

Frank Niro (White) vs. Paul Edvalson (Black)

From left-right, Corey Longhurst, Caleb Kircher, and Paul Edvalson.

Frank Niro entering the results into his computer.

This photo is courtesy of Hugh Myers

Jeff Roland (White) versus Caleb Kircher (Black) from Round 2.