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2010 Southwest Idaho Scholastic Novice Championship
(January 23, Boise, ID)

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7-12 Section
Borah HS - 1st Place
Cherry Gulch - 2nd Place
Eagle Middle School - 3rd Place

4-6 Section
Nampa Classical Academy - 1st Place
River Valley Elementary - 2nd Place
Washington Elementary - 3rd Place

2-3 Section
Washington Elementary - 1st Place
Pepper Ridge Elementary - 2nd Place
Nampa Classical Academy - 3rd Place

K-1 Section
Washington Elementary - 1st Place
River Valley Elementary - 2nd Place
Galileo Magnet School - 3rd Place


Grade 11
Emma Clark (Borah HS) - 1st Place

Grade 10
Van George (Borah HS) - 1st Place

Grade 9
Avery Dorfman (Cherry Gulch) - 1st Place
Will Brahlin (Cherry Gulch) - 2nd Place
Anton Kristel (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place

Grade 8
Mayer Katz (Cherry Gulch) - 1st Place
Jeremiah Williams (Nampa Classical Academy) - 2nd Place
Cole Lucas (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place

Grade 7
Damien Heyens (Cherry Gulsh) - 1st Place
Christian BogdandeLugo (Eagle Middle) - 2nd Place
Jas Murray (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place

Grade 6
Spencer Doerty (Eagle Middle) - 1st Place
Deimian Howard (Washington Elementary) - 2nd Place
Rachel Hansen (Lewis and Clark Middle) - 3rd Place
Matthew Rohrdanz (Nampa Classical Academy) - 4th Place
Kyler Kretchmar (Nampa Classical Academy) - 5th Place

Grade 5
Noah Sayers (Nampa Classical Academy) - 1st Place
Grace Liu (Galileo Magnet) - 2nd Place
Kyle Johnson (Mill Creek Elementary) - 3rd Place
Timothy Schultz (Mill Creek Elementary) - 4th Place
Austin Shotwell (Donnelly Elementary) - 5th Place

Grade 4
Bailey Briggs (Pepper Ridge Elementary) - 1st Place
Holly Kissee (River Valley Elementary) - 2nd Place
Sarah Hansen (River Valley Elementary) - 3rd Place
Jasmine Willey (Washington Elementary) - 4th Place
Austin Hanks (Nampa Classical Academy) - 5th Place

Grade 3
Dustin Johnson (Mill Creek Elementary) - 1st Place
Anthony Ramirez (Horizon Elementary) - 2nd Place
Copeland Carter (Pepper Ridge Elementary) - 3rd Place
Chase Wilson (Nampa Classical Academy) - 4th Place
Jaeson Albin (Washington Elementary) - 5th Place

Grade 2
Cooper Webb-Knudsen (Washington Elementary) - 1st Place
Mariah Albin (Washington Elementary) - 2nd Place
Tyler Davis (Pepper Ridge Elementary) - 3rd Place
Xavier Howard (Washington Elementary) - 4th Place
Keiju Williams (Washington Elementary) - 5th Place

Grade 1
Mason Adamson (Lowell Elementary) - 1st Place
Eli Williams (Washington Elementary) - 2nd Place
Jack Dahl (Galileo Magnet) - 3rd Place
Annika Willerup (Washington Elementary) - 4th Place
Brennan Becerra (Washington Elementary) - 5th Place

Grade K
Isaac Fishman (Whittier Elementary) - 1st Place
Zane Gibson (Washington Elementary) - 2nd Place