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2011 Southwest Idaho Scholastic Novice Championship
(January 29, Boise, ID)

Crosstable Tiebreaks Flyer

Individual Awards

Grade 10
Austin Carter (Borah) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Houston Bentley (Borah) - 2nd Place (Medallion)
Albert Bruce (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place (Medallion)

Grade 9
Chad Gibb (Cherry Gulch) - 1st Place (Trophy)

Grade 8
Timothy Ouvounian (Cherry Gulch) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Brendan Reid (Cherry Gulch) - 2nd Place (Medallion)
Matthew Finn (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place (Medallion)

Grade 7
Rannyn Stephens (Hawthorne) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Craig Herbert (Cherry Gulch) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Jim Sullivan (Cherry Gulch) - 3rd Place (Trophy)

Grade 6
Grace Liu (Galileo Magnet) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Ben Harold (Cherry Gulch) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Gavin Stephens (Hawthorne) - 3rd Place (Trophy)

Grade 5
Tyler Hockman (Sienna K-8) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Jory Wollrab (Galileo Magnet) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Robert Hill (Mill Creek) - 3rd Place (Trophy)

Grade 4
Kelton Webb (Galileo Magnet) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Eric Labastida (Washington) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Juliana Johnson (Lake Ridge) - 3rd Place (Trophy)
Abrielle Tolman (Lake Ridge) - 4th Place (Medallion)

Grade 3
Andrew Yu (Cecil Andrus) - 1st Place (Trophy)
London Stephens (Wilcox) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Aidan Johnson (Galileo Magnet) - 3rd Place (Trophy)
Luke Ryan (Lake Ridge) - 4th Place (Medallion)
Declan Teegarden (Washington) - 5th Place (Medallion)

Grade 2
Elliot Lim (Sienna K-8) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Alex Zang (Joplin) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Hayden Webb (Galileo Magnet) - 3rd Place (Trophy)
Tess Manning-Floch (White Pine) - 4th Place (Medallion)

Grade 1
Chase Kluksdal (Washington) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Pascal Andreas (Washington) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Fisher Albright (Washington) - 3rd Place (Trophy)
Seth Carrell (Washington) - 4th Place (Medallion)

Miles Budell (Washington) - 1st Place (Trophy)
Ryan Marquardt (Galileo Magnet) - 2nd Place (Trophy)
Joshua Davis (Galileo Magnet) - 3rd Place (Medallion)

Team Awards

6-12 Grade Section
Cherry Gulch, Emmett - 1st Place Team

4-5 Grade Section
Galileo Magnet, Meridian - 1st Place Team
Lake Ridge, Nampa - 2nd Place Team

2-3 Grade Section
Washington, Boise - 1st Place Team
Galileo Magnet, Meridian - 2nd Place Team

K-1 Grade Section
Washington, Boise - 1st Place Team
Galileo Magnet, Meridian - 2nd Place Team